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Jameel Williams has worked with the youth for the past 15 years trying to transform gang members into productive leaders. In 2002 he was sentenced to serve a natural life bid without the possibility of parole. It was there he honed his skills in both writing and the practice of law. He spent a total of 12 years incarcerated before he was able to secure his freedom in 2014.

Before his incarceration Jameel aka 8 ran with the notorious boston gang the BELNEL DOGS.  In his early teens he met Ray Benzino and Dave Mays former owners of the Source Magazine. With this friendship it put him in many hip hop circles. Most notably 3 Source Award shows and countless events.

Despite all the notable cases and news clippings. He managed to change his life around prior to his incarceration. He continued this trend during his time spent behind walls and carried it home as a lifestyle. His hopes are to show his life experiences and the pitfalls of the game with the books “WRONG TURN RIGHT” & THE SEQUEL “SOURCE OF INFORMATION”. By no means is this a diss book because there’s equal respect to go around. This is just the story i lived.


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